Shadow Warriaz

PSO GC/PAL and BB, PSU-X, PSO 2 and FFXI and FFXIV group of friends.

This is a Family Style FC, so please abide by these guidelines and rules.

Members Rules:
  : General
  1. Be polite to each other.
  2. Do not swear directly at someone.
  3. Do not call another member by a derogatory name.
  4. Do not be sexually explicit, but innuendos are fine.
  5. Racist, Sexist, LGBT and Religious derogatory comments will not be tolerated.
  6. Do not talk down to other FC members, remember their is always two sides of an disagreement.
  7. If an argument escalates take it to Tell so that the other FC members don't get involved.
  8. If any disagreement can not be resolved, then voice your complaint with the Leader.
  9. IF you need to complain to the leader, have your Screenshots to hand, Leader will not take sides but will act on the evidence only.
  10. Don't suffer in silence! Use the Complaints form.
  11. If all else fails Blacklist! this can be done in game and on Discord.
   :FC Prizes and Giveaways
  1.  All Prizes given out are made or bought from other FC members and donated in the spirit of giving and so we ask you do not resell theses items and that they are only for self use.
  2.  If you already have the item you have won then you can swap it for another of equal value or give it to a FC friend.
   :Company Chest
  1. When taking shards/crystals/clusters for own use, please add some that you are not needing.
  2. When Crafting for FC then you can use the Shards/Crystals/Clusters, if you do not have access then please ask someone who does to send you some.
  3. You may help yourself to any Dyes, Minions, Mounts and Music in the 1st section of the company chest.
  4. Do not sell anything you take from the company chest without firstly talking to the leader. The Gil is to go into the company chest.
  1. Remember you are in this role to set an example to the other members.
  2. Your roles include: Putting up FC buffs, Organizing events for members, resolving conflict in absence of Leader, Take screenshots of any conflict.
  3. Admin are appointed by leader to help with day-to-day running of FC but for all intents and purposes are just ordinary members. It'a not a licence to boss other members around!
  4.  If you are Hosting an event please make sure you move discord chat to an event channel.
  1. Conversation rules mirror FC chat Guidelines.
  2. Do not move another members channel unless they want to be moved.
  3. If someone is in the private chat do not enter that channel unless users have given permission.
  4. Do not enter and event channel whilst an event is ongoing unless you apart of the event.
  5. Do not mess about with other members names or settings.
  6. Any ideas to change Discord settings or channels contact FC Leader before taking any action.
  1. Leader role is to oversee the day to day running of the FC, and to take responsibility for their admin/organizers actions.
  2. Breaking of rules will result in three warnings after which there will be an instant dismissal from the FC.
  3. Deliberately being blatantly argumentative with the FC leader will result in you being instantly dismissed.
  4. If you have a problem with the FC Leader then take it to any admin who will then discuss it with all admin before raising said issue with Leader.

reserve the right to modify these rules as and when are necessary.