Shadow Warriaz

PSO GC/PAL and BB, PSU-X, PSO 2 and FFXI and FFXIV group of friends.

Weekly Raffle

Welcome to our new Prize give away, Weekly Raffle!

Each week those who hand in items that are needed for the workshop or help another FC member with a duty will be entered into the weekly raffle, 1 ticket per week, the draw will take place on a Sunday at 6pm GMT, entry's between 1-10 one ticket will be drawn 11-20 two tickets will be drawn etc.

If your ticket is drawn you have the choice of one of the prizes listed below, The Furniture's are a complete set so you dont need to pick one item. more prizes will be added over time, and if there is something you would like to be added then please PM Loopy Loulou.

2 Million Gil Cash Prize

Items from Submarines or Airships.

Full Bathroom set.

Full Kitchen Set

Full Lounge set..