Shadow Warriaz

PSO GC/PAL and BB, PSU-X, PSO 2 and FFXI and FFXIV group of friends.

Items Most needed this Month! Aug 18

Lumythrite Ore
Mythrite Ore
Raw Rhodonite
Mythrite sand
Mythril Ore
Dhalmel Saliva
Ahriman Wing
Hardsilver Sand
Dravanian Spring Water
Molybdenum Ore
Smithsonite Ore
Raw Triphane

Items in Bold are more urgent.

1 point per 10 items

Scale Glue
Beech Lumber
Beetle Glue
High Steel Ingot
Pine Lumber
Kudzu Cloth
Gold Ingot
Twin Silk
Larch Lumber
Camperwood Lumber
Steel Hinge
Enchanted Aurum Regis Ink
Oroshigane Ingot
Persimmon lumber
Gazelle Leather
Molybdeum Ingot
Zelkova Lumber
Platinum Ingot

1 point per 99

Bamboo Sticks
Rhino Beetle Carapace
Moth Scales
Platinum Ore                                                       
Dragon Blood
Pine Logs
Camperwood Logs


Grand Company Seals: 30 = 1 point


Gather from Legendary Nodes Lv 70: 30 for 1 Point
---- Gyr Abanian Ore
---- Yanxian Cotton Boll
---- Urunday Log
---- Azim Spring Water
---- Evergleam Ore

Poetics: Mix and Match 30 for 1 point

Nothing right now!
Mendacity: Mix and Match 10 for 1 point.

----Tatara Iron Sand
----Procoptodon Skin
----Gyr Abanian Wax
----Gyr Abanian Carbon Rods
----High-Gloss Urushi
----Stardust Cotton Yarn

Yellow Scripts:

Gyr Abanian Alchemic 1 for 1 point.

Beast Tribe:

Namazu ~ Stormsap 3 for 1 point

1000 Wind Shards & 500 Crystals & 100 Clusters

1000 Lightning Shards & 500 Crystals 

1000 Fire Shards &100 Clusters

1000 Ice Shards 

1000 Water Shards